• Improving business performance in terms of cost, time, quality and services through interventions on cost structure, organization, processes and operational support.

  • Conduct a physical examination and a patient interview to evaluate a patient's current heart health and predictany potential heart problems.
    Meet with patients to learn about their medical histories and symptoms.
    Conduct diagnostic tests.
    Keep patient records.
    Educate patients about how to lead healthier lives.

  • Evaluation of IT functions in terms of organization, governance, control and performance with the identification and implementation of eventual improvements and solutions.
    Elaboration of data from internal enterprise tools (CRM) and external databases.
    Analysis of investment project risks.

  • Running analysis and project reporting to stakeholders, including comparison of effective budget and development of new metrics relevant to the integration of existing relationships.

  • Client support for procedure definition and operative strategy for the reduction of working capital.

  • Time to Market Management aimed at reducing Launch Times for New Products.
    Analysis and operative translations of identified solutions for correct execution and implementation.

  • Analysis and operative translations of identified solutions for correct execution and implementation.
    Development of basic audit knowledge.